Programs & Services

Surrendering a Pet

Owner Surrender

Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter does accept owner surrender animals from the surrounding area. A small amount of paperwork is required to complete the surrender. We do accept all kinds of animals, but if the animal is outside of the normal cat / dog, it is appreciated if you speak with our staff prior to bringing the animal to the shelter.

Owner Surrender Fee: $100 cash, check or card 

Stray Surrender

Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter accepts stray cats / dogs from within city limits at a $10 charge. We do accept stray dogs from Johnson County, but do charge a $20 fee due to city policy. Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter does not accept cats from outside Warrensburg City limits.

Reclaiming a Pet

If an animal is lost, the best place to check is your local shelter! There are fees associated with reclaiming an animal. It is best to call the shelter and discuss the fees with staff as they will vary depending on a few factors. All fees are cash, check or charge.

Barn Buddies

Barn buddies are feral cats that cannot be adopted to the public as pets. Instead, they can be adopted to homes outside of city limits.

The adopter cannot choose the sex or color of the cat and must provide shelter, food, and future vet care for the animal. At time of pickup, the adopter must bring their own cat size crate to transfer the feral cat(s).

Adoption Fee for Barn Buddies: $15
  • Includes: Spay/neuter, vaccinations (FVRCP and Rabies), and ear-tipping

Humane Education

Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter participates in educational opportunities in the local community, including giving presentations and shelter tours upon request. If an organization wishes to have shelter staff give presentations or wish to tour the shelter, staff asks that plans are made in advance by contacting shelter management.

School Visit

 Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter happily participates in school visits to help educate the youth on shelters, and how important it is to be a responsible pet owner.

Presentation / Tour

Inquiries about setting up a presentation or tour can be made at 660-747-7156.