Sewer utility Billing

Important Information

Due to changes in industry standards to Credit Card security compliance the City of Warrensburg will no longer be able to manage recurring utility credit card draft payments on your behalf.
The city is determined to proactively address the rise of credit card fraud, data breaches and identity theft. Eliminating potentially vulnerable technology is an important part of this decision to keep your information secure.
We are in the process of contacting all impacted account holders.
Please click this link for more information.
Please call us at 660-262-4549 if you currently have your account drafted with a credit card through the city (not web) for available option information.
Winter Average for residential accounts in process watch water usage. 
Approved Rate Increase to include October usage. (click here for more information)
Masks/Face coverings required for entry to City Hall. Other protocols for public safety are displayed for entry to city hall.


Sewer Utility Web Page

 (Internet Explorer web  browser no longer supported)


Payment Options

  • Walk In: Walk in to city hall to pay with Cash, Check, Money Order or Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  • By Phone: To pay by phone with Visa, MasterCard or Discover call 660-262-4549 (e-checks not accepted)

On-line Auto Pay and Future Pay Information (click for link)    

  • Online: Online Bill Pay/Account Management - A $1.25 Transaction Fee will be added to customer card (for online payments noted on payment page)
    • On the payment page customers have two options to view account information or make a payment with Credit/Debit Cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. (e-check option not available).
  • Quick Pay: Does not require log in. Customer must provide customer account number and amount of last payment made (if new account enter $0).

Account Management

Customer must provide customer account number and amount of last payment made (if new account enter $0) to set up account. This feature allows customers to:
  • Sign up for e-Billing
  • View Bill
  • View account detail
  • Transaction history
  • Address information
  • Account information
  • Consumption history
  • Pay your bill
  • Pay multiple bills in one payment
  • Save credit card for future payments
  • Manage multiple accounts

Note: No additional fee for account management without payment

Sign up for e-Billing (from account page)

  • PAPERLESS BILLING: In lieu of paper bills sent via U.S. mail, customers may elect to receive electronic bills through a valid email account. Valid email account status is the responsibility of the account holder. Accounts with invalid email accounts returned undeliverable will be subject to delinquent payment charges if the bill is not paid by the delinquent date of the individual account. Penalty charges will not be adjusted if the error is due to customer email account error.

Auto-Pay Setup Information (set up through City Bank Draft only)

  • Please contact us immediately for changes to banking information
    • Including closed or compromised accounts
  • Auto-pay does not follow account
    • Must submit form for new account, please don't forget if you plan to use auto-pay
  • Pay current balance due
    • May take two billing cycles to complete
  • Documents must accompany completed form
    • Pay from checking; voided check

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