Energy & Sustainability Task Force

There is established an energy and sustainability task force composed of five (5) members. Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum for purposes of doing business.

It shall be the duty of the energy and sustainability task force to suggest to the city council and the Warrensburg community ideas and methods for energy efficiency, resource conservation, and renewable energy solutions, and to encourage adoption of measures to achieve these goals.

The task force shall report to the city council annually, or more frequently as they may choose or as is requested, on their activities, and upon recommendations to the city for energy efficiencies resource conservation, and renewable energy solutions for the city.

Membership will consist of one (1) member of the city council to be appointed annually by the mayor and four (4) other residents or business owners within the Warrensburg postal code area with relevant background or experience. Two (2) of the members shall serve for an initial term of two (2) years. Thereafter, members shall serve for terms of two (2) years. Members shall serve without compensation.

The committee shall elect from its members a chair and vice-chair. The chair shall preside at meetings. If the chair is absent or unable to preside, the vice-chair shall preside. Three (3) members constitute a quorum. The city manager shall provide the group with staff and information needed for the group to make informed recommendation to the city staff and city council.

The committee shall have the authority to appoint additional non-voting members in such numbers and for such terms as it deems advisable from time to time. Each member shall have the authority to nominate members, who shall be appointed by majority vote of a quorum of the committee. Non-voting members shall not alter the required quorum of three (3) voting members to conduct business.

Appointed Representatives

Members Position Term Expiring
Aubrey Binder Member 2024*
Kathy Strickland Member 2024*
Bruce D. Uhler Member, Chair/Council Representative N/A
Thomas Denne Member 2025*
Jeremiah Robison Member, Recorder 2025
Terry Vair Non-Voting Member 2025
Taigan Plummer Non-Voting Member 2025*
*eligible for reappointment